What parents are saying

Mrs. Stewart is a teacher who has had specific training in Alphabetic Phonics to enable her to work with children with ADHD and other learning disabilities. This technique helps her work effectively with these students…including my son. She takes great pride in their progression and accomplishments and truly works with these kids as if their futures depend upon it. Mrs. Stewart has a style that works well with kids with learning differences. These students, who often have low self-esteem, enjoy working with her for that reason. While she is flexible in her approach, she also knows when to demand student focus and accountability. This creates a trust between the student and teacher. Her particular expertise is an extra bonus in a world where we are just discovering the number of students with learning disabilities.

Dr. Lori Richardson Glovier, Arlington, Texas

Tammy’s rapport with students is one of humor, warmth, comfort and respect. Her students know of her dedication to their learning, and they feel safe working with her. She takes her work very seriously and will do whatever it takes to help her students grow. Her vast knowledge of strategies and tools to help children, including those with varying disabilities, has allowed her to tailor her instruction specifically to a student’s behavioral, social, and academic goals. Tammy’s work with students has been successful, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a tutor.

Lauren Wright, 5th grade teacher, Austin ISD

Tammy Stewart brings her best for every learner. Her focus remains consistently on finding what brings the best results for each child. Tammy’s approach reduces anxiety and ensures that students explore learning with confidence. Parents and colleagues alike enjoy positive, supportive communication and long lasting relationships. I enthusiastically endorse Tammy Stewart’s skill, dedication, focus and appreciation for each student.

Michelle Vancil-Osborne, Teaching Assistant, Austin ISD, Austin, Texas

Tammy is amazing. She started working with my daughter who had serious anxiety about math. In a short time she was feeling confident, her anxiety was improving and she was learning. Tammy is loving, dedicated, and incredible at what she does.

Laura N., Dripping Springs, Texas

… Grayson has made such great progress and you are the main reason why he is doing so well. We are so thankful and blessed that we met you. Last week at our school’s parent orientation night, I talked to Grayson’s teacher she said how great he was doing and he is farther ahead than a lot of the other students. I told her that he goes to a tutor twice a week. She then mentioned (not using names) that the little girl that sees the same tutor is doing amazingly well also. She said, “I don’t know who your tutor is, but she is amazing and is doing a great job.”  I had always thought that, but it was pretty cool to hear from an outsider that has only been with Grayson for a few weeks.

Jennifer Buass, Dripping Springs